Where we live impacts our health & Happiness

imby brings together citizens, real estate developers, and local governments to support and create responsive, sustainable communities. It is a solution to the inefficient and opaque zoning process that can run afoul when only a small group of people participate and the silent majority of voices go unheard.

imby aggregates public but scattered real estate development information into one consistent format so you can get a complete idea of how a neighborhood is likely to change in the next 5-10 years. We leverage image heavy swipe surveys and chat bot surveys to learn about community preferences and grassroots ideas that real estate developers can incorporate into their project vision. And we anchor community news and articles via social feeds to keep you informed and engage in all the neighborhoods you frequent most.

We launched a pilot this summer and are looking for busy citizens, thoughtful developers, and  open-mined governments for the beta test in DC fall 2017.