Minority Majority Panel at Global Entrepreneurship Week USA

6:30PM November 16, 2018
2055 L St NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

6:30-8pm Minorities will be the majority in 2050 according to the US Department of Labor. Embracing this inevitable change in how you develop content and scale your business will make companies more competitive. In order to remain innovative, industries must develop workplace cultures that value inclusion, and are supportive of diversity of thought and background. Leverage the insights of diverse leaders along with the perspective of the voice of the employee to take your firm to the top. While women and minorities in high-level executive positions serve as a pipeline to the underrepresented, its time to change the game significantly by increasing the presence of this group in the C-Suite and delivering products and services with mass appeal. The value of forming strategic partnerships with the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs will inspire greater innovation.

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